About the team: a brief history

Help a Refugee is a non-profit, registered organization in Bremen. The organization began in October 2013 as a working group initiated by the German-Syrian Mansour Ismaiel. In January 2015, the founding meeting took place for this organization (VR 7845 HB, District Court Bremen). Our organization is funded exclusively by donations and contributions from people like you. All the board as well as all helpers, interns and sponsors help this organization voluntarily.

Who we are and what we do

We are about 80 members and are committed to the integration of refugees and asylum seekers into local society in Bremen. Our members are international and open-minded. The heart of the association is the weekly open meeting "Meet a local" where interested locals and refugees meet for conversations and exchange information. Also, every two weeks, there is a free legal advice and help reuniting refugees’ families. Many fugitives have come to the meetings for more than two years and are now helping the organization themselves by translating and passing on what they learned through their own experience.

In addition to the regular "Meet a local", we have several larger and smaller events in the year, in which locals can meet refugees and get to know each other. We organize concerts, film shows, festivals with food and music bands, in the summer we sometimes do picnic or work out along the river. You can find out more about upcoming events in the "News" section.


But "Meet a local" and the events are not all! We also work in different working groups: Family Reunification, Ladies’ Circle, Events and the project Flüchtling für Flüchtling. If you want to find out more about the working groups, you can take a look at the "Services" section.

If you would like to get to know us personally, you can come to the "Meet a local". We meet every Monday at Große Krankenstraße 11 (Gemeindezentrum St. Pauli). See you then!


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